The Superbowl is tomorrow! If you’re going shopping today for game-day food, these 5 recipes may come in handy for you and your little ones. Not only are they kid-friendly treats, but they can help you cook them, too!



1easy-baby-friendly-guacolmole. Easiest Guacamole

From babies to adults, this recipe offers variations to satisfy Guacamole cravings at any age. Have your toddler try mashing the avocado!

deviled-eggs-football2.  Football Deviled Eggs

Get your eggs boiling, because these are sure to be a hit! It can be a mini math lesson for your child, as you can explain how many eggs are in a dozen, half dozen, etc. Once the deviled eggs are complete – have your child place the laces to utilize their small motor skills!

pretzel-bites3. Soft Pretzel Bites

We admit, these are going to take longer to make – but so worth it. With all-natural ingredients and plenty of hands-on opportunities for your child, these are sure to beat mall pretzels any day! Talk about fractions while you measure the ingredients with your child.

P.S. The cheese sauce is simple and delicious!

7-layer-dip4. Skinny Seven Layer Dips

Get ready to do prep work! After all the chopping and measuring is complete, your child will be able to practice fine motor skills while he or she spoons each layer into each cup. What a great opportunity to talk about the different colors, textures and tastes of food. Did we mention this is healthier than your average 7-layer dip?


5. Cinnamon Sugar Nachos

You didn’t think we’d leave you without an idea for dessert, did you? These cinnamon sugar nachos combine game-day spirit with a healthier twist on desert. Have your child help you with slicing the fruit, mixing the cream cheese dip (optional, for some) and sprinkling the cinnamon¬† sugar on the chips. What an excellent exercise in practical life skills – with a tasty reward!