The Child

Mt. Tahoma Montessori School strives to meet the needs of the whole child: nurturing the love of learning, creating opportunities for growth and independence and bringing about self-respect and positive self worth.

The Environment

Mt. Tahoma Montessori School creates an environment that is clean, safe, nurturing and carefully prepared to provide positive learning experiences. Our natural setting is an important part of our Montessori curriculum.

The Community

Mt. Tahoma Montessori School strives to create a positive, caring atmosphere for parents and their children to flourish and grow. Our focus is to nurture respect and understanding for each other, nature and our planet.
Our Goal For Your Child

  • Joyfully embrace life.
  • Be responsible for actions and make good choices.
  • Be confident – by succeeding at meaningful goals.
  • Be a life long learner.