Who We Are

We are approved and licensed by the Washington State Board of Education and Department of Social and Health Services.
Our memberships include:

  • Washington Federation of Independent Schools (WFIS)
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Mt. Tahoma Montessori School is staffed with certified teachers. All of our staff is carefully chosen based on their professional and academic backgrounds, commitment to children and their families, and a love and desire for learning.

In addition to our dedicated staff, we have developed a strong & detailed curriculum for each year of the student’s Montessori education. Here are a few ways we keep the child engaged:

  • Structured curriculum. Our experience and dedication to fostering a love of learning has led us to develop a strong curriculum. We intertwine the subject areas, in order to focus on knowledge and skills to be learned.
  • Cycle out monthly work. Work changes based on season, celebrations and continent studies. Our Montessori students are always eager to see the new work at the first of the month!
  • Monthly continent studies. Each month, we study a different continent. We immerse students in the culture, environment, history and geography. The last Friday of each month, we celebrate with a feast with cuisine from the continent we studied.
  • Additional curriculum. We offer extra-curricular activities to promote growth opportunities for our students, such as sign language, music and rhythm & dance. Learn more here.

If you have questions regarding our curriculum and what sets Mt. Tahoma Montessori School apart from daycare and preschools in Federal Way – please contact us. We can answer your questions, schedule a visit and demonstrate Montessori work & materials.