In addition to the comprehensive and dynamic Montessori material taught here at Mt. Tahoma Montessori School in Auburn, we offer extra-curricular activities to promote growth opportunities for our students.

Included in Our Curriculum



Each week, children participate in a fun and engaging music lesson. From piano to violin, guitar to the bongos – children have a blast singing along with a variety of instruments and songs! Written activities are organized to correlate with the music each week to assist the students to learn the history of the song, composer, or music piece.


SEE (Sign Exact English)

Children love learning sign language because they can create words with their hands! Sign language is a dynamic way to teach language and adds an additional depth element to our language lessons. By teaching children to form letters and words with their hands, children can learn to spell and “read” in sign language before they are physically able to write their letters or read words on a page. During a weekly lesson, students learn common words, words to songs, and the alphabet in sign language. Weekly word groups are designed around a common theme such as a holiday, season, month, song or type of activity.


Rhythm and Dance

Get up and dance! We keep the children moving by playing a variety of rhythmic music from cultures around the world and encouraging energetic dance activities to help our students learn to enjoy music by moving their bodies to have fun and to exercise.

Extra-Curricular Activities Available (Additional Fee)

We work with teachers & coaches in our area to provide weekly extra-curricular educational activities after the school day. These activities are available for an additional fee which is determined by the teacher or coach for that activity.


Mondays from 3 to 4pm
$10 per lesson, 1 hour class
Young Students participate in a creative and fun way to learn the basics of Ballet dance. The instructor’s proven teaching methods encourage a love for dance at a young age by using fairy tales, stories, and special games combined with dance to learn the proper ballet positions and movements. Instructor: Ms. Shannon.


Wednesdays from 3 to 4pm
$10 per lesson, 20 minute session
A fun experience to expose children to beginning piano and also to music concepts and terminology. No practice is required at home, although it’s encouraged to follow your child’s lead for self-initiated practice. Instructor: Josie Paznokas.

Amazing-Atheltes-LogoAmazing Athletes

Thursdays from 3 to 3:30pm, or 3:30 to 4pm
$44 per month, One-time registration fee of $15
A youth-based sports fitness program that teaches children life skills, motor development and healthy habits through sports. Children are allowed to learn new skills at their own pace within a non-competitive, learning-based environment that emphasizes patience, teamwork, and self-confidence. A variety of sports are introduced and taught including baseball, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, hockey, lacrosse, tennis and golf. For more information check out their website at Coach: Dennis Moore.

Mt. Tahoma Montessori School is an educationally-rich environment based around the Montessori approach. We also provide the above activities to further enhance your child’s education. If you’re looking for a daycare, preschool or kindergarten in Federal Way or Auburn, we welcome children ages 2 1/2 to 6. Please contact us today with any questions, or to schedule a visit.