illumination-arts-publishingHave you noticed the books on display at the front office? If not, be sure to check them out! They are beautifully illustrated and are all hard cover. Each book has an inspirational story or positive promotion of feelings. The books are brought to us by Illumination Arts Publishing,  located in Kirkland, WA. The cost of books is around $15, and they will be available for the coming months.

Best of all, 50% of the sales benefit Mt Tahoma Montessori School! It’s a great way to add meaningful books to your child’s collection, support a local business, and help our school.

About Illumination Arts Publishing

Illumination Arts Publishing mission is to publish children’s books that “Inspire the Mind, Touch the Heart, and Uplift the Spirit.” As well as inspiring joy and laughter, our books also promote respect, forgiveness, tolerance and love, helping to create a more enlightened world through inner peace and self-awareness. Through the years, it is gratifying to discover that adult readers are also deeply touched by our children’s stories.

In addition to finding unique stories written by talented authors, Illumination Arts selects exceptionally gifted illustrators who bring each story vibrantly to life. Illumination Arts Publishing staff’s dedication to excellence ensures that each book is a highly positive, nourishing reading experience.

To learn more, check out their website.