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The Ango-Saxon's gave England her name. The area we now call England was named Britania by the Romans. Introduction. What was England like? England looked very different 1,600 years ago when the Anglo-Saxons came to our shores.

Anglo Saxon clothes for children were very similar to their parents, so many children wore tunics. The young boys and men wore a tunic over a sleeved top, tied round the waist with a leather belt. They would wear trousers too, but much like their parents, if there wasn't enough money they would go without!

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The Anglo-Saxon period covers about 600 years, and Anglo-Saxon kings ruled England for about 300 years. We know how the Anglo Saxons lived because archaeologists have found old settlements and excavated artefacts like belt buckles, swords, bowls and even children’s toys.

This page is all about helping you with your Vikings and Saxons homework. Anglo-Saxons in Britain: Search our website: Celts . Romans. Saxons. Vikings. Normans. Tudors. Victorians. WW ll. 500 BC . 43. 450. 793. 1066. 1485. 1837. 1939. Other Anglo Saxon Websites . The Anglo-Saxons - BBC Site Who were the Anglo-Saxons? Where did they come from ...

The Anglo-Saxons were tall, fair-haired men, armed with swords and spears and round shields. They loved fighting and were very fierce. Their skills included hunting, farming, textile (cloth…

Anglo-Saxon clothes – men. 5th and 6th centuries Men wore wool or linen hip-length undershirts with long sleeves, and probably loin-cloths. Woollen trousers were held up with a belt threaded through loops. A tunic was pulled over the head, and reached down to the knees.