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Anonymous – Creative Writing Essay Topic: Writing, Creative, Creative writing The powerful low winter sun illuminated the seemingly endless road.The glass glistened like walls of diamonds; the highly polished doorknobs that led to the place of ones dreams were glowing like hot molten lava that had just erupted from the brittle and frozen pathway.

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Writing about your emotions can help you to feel better mentally and physically. As a Novni author you can write with complete honesty and remain totally anonymous. The Helper's High. A small gesture can turn somebody's day around, and even save their life. It can also make you feel happier.

Posts about Creative writing written by ananonnymous-20's. “Please be gone. Please be gone.” Lydia spoke to herself before opening her eyes and peaking over the covers.

- Anonymous creative writing exchanges While I've met a lot of great people on here and had some really interesting exchanges, I had the idea recently (as someone who loves creative writing) of setting up a penpal-style arrangement but anonymous and based on creative writing / role play.

Welcome to the Hanonymous blog. I am H. On this blog I'm going to put on professional pictures I took. Poems (but the poem pictures I didn't take) and creative writing. I hope you like my blog. All advice is welcome. If you like one of my posts hit the "like" button or comment. I…

Posts about creative writing written by anonymousghosts. April April is for cold hands and chapped lips. Blue tinted fingernails lightly scraping the covers of dusty books, for reassurance that they’re there.