Being a creative writing major

Most creative writing majors are run by the English department, and, in fact, many are special tracks within the English major. As such, they involve a lot of reading of all kinds, including fiction, plays, poetry, and literary theory. I was an English major in undergrad, and we were expected to read a roughly book a week in each class.


 · I sort of view the Creative Writing major as the pot-smoking younger brother of the literature major, which is the ugly stepchild of the science majors. I had gone to an English Professor and confessed my fears about being a creative writing major, “I know it’s what I want to do, but I don’t know if it’s the smartest thing to do.


 · Creative Writing . Earning a BA in creative writing will give you the two things you need most as a writer: practice and feedback. Although creative writing may be the domain of aspiring authors, freelance writers can also make a living by writing creatively. This is a writing major that is readily available nationwide.

Creative writing majors are definitely more misunderstood than the typical English major, but creative writing classes can be truly amazing. They force you to really sit down and write, push you to...


 · An English degree may lead to jobs that require creativity, research, writing, and communication of ideas. In addition to writing, English majors …


 · A creative writing degree is great if you want to become a professional writer. But what else can you do with your degree? Here's a list of jobs you could consider doing...

A major in writing or creative writing helps you hone your communicative skills. Good writers are in demand in every sector of the economy.