Blue eyes creative writing


 · Blue eyes always referred to as the ocean. The oceans are deep, and so are blue eyes. 12) River of thoughts. You can say this to someone who got blue attractive deep, engaging eyes. 13) Sapphire. You can compliment someone by calling their eyes as sapphire. Sapphire is a precious blue stone. This is the cutest way of describing blue eyes. 14 ...


 · A person's eyes can reveal a wide range of emotions. A simple gaze, a blank stare, or a narrow squint can all convey deep meaning. The expressive power of human eyes makes them the perfect literary tool for character development in fiction writing. Eyes can let a reader in on a secret, signal intent, or offer clues to a character’s mental state.

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Learning how to describe eyes in a story without resorting to cliché helps set your writing apart from amateurish fiction. Many beginning authors over-rely on eye descriptions and eye colour to create an impression of their characters. Here are 7 tips for talking about your characters’ eyes creatively: 1. Avoid fixating on eye colour. 2.

Just say something that's blue. Example. I loose myself in those icy pools of his-for light of coarse sapphire jewels glittering beneath satin cascades-darker blue of corse blue mirros reflect___-fill in the blank :D. Or you can compare His eyes shine like the ocean blue Eyes like evening skies. Be creative …


 · Writing About Eyes So I was doing some research and found this great site. It has an extensive list of eye colors, their descriptions, whether they are cliché (per the author), and whether they are insufficient descriptions (per the author).