Careers that involve creative writing

The Creative Writing Career List. Here’s a list of creative writing careers that you can consider for your future. I’m not making any promises. You have to go out and find these jobs yourself, but they do exist. You just have to look for them and then land them. Greeting …


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 · Of all jobs in writing, this one has one of the best outlooks: It's expected to see faster-than-average job growth between 2018 and 2028, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH). Average salary—$76,860; 5. Novelist. When people think of careers in writing, this is often one of the first that comes to mind.


 · As you can see, there are several career options available to you in the field of writing that have nothing to do with being a novelist or a journalist. Writing is a creative and challenging endeavor that can bring you success and fulfillment across many industries. Writers have a natural knack for communicating with others.


 · A creative writing degree is great if you want to become a professional writer. But what else can you do with your degree? Here's a list of jobs you could consider doing...