Creative writing about drinking


 · While some people state The Great Gatsby is a creative novel, others think it’s just a reflection. F. Scott Ftizgerald uses things that happened in his life to inspire the situations and complications that the characters go through. He used his imagination in writing the novel, to take him to new heights as a person, and an explorer.

Even by the time Amis was writing his drinks columns in the 1970s and ’80s, his attitude and his subject were throwbacks. As Robert Simonson notes in his history of the early-aughts cocktail revival, A Proper Drink, “The 1980s were dark days for drinking.

Will drinking help your writing, or will it just make people think you’re drunk? You ever wonder whether there’s any truth to all that Hemingway, Bukowski lore about liquor somehow lubricating the creative process and making you write beyond your potential?


 · Drinking doesn't help me write better, but it does help loosen me up to a point that it's easier to write and get words and ideas on the page. I've tried writing while drink, but it's not a good idea. My drunken thoughts put on page are sporadic and disjointed if they even make any sense at all.

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