Creative writing about grief


 · Creativity in grief, loss, and trauma helps us express and release feelings that otherwise have no outlet, feelings we ourselves may not understand until we see them before us in a different form. Writing gives language to things that may feel inexpressible; it helps us to gain clarity about what’s happening deep inside.

If you are writing about your pain and you want to share this writing with others, one certain way to ensure your writing connects and packs an emotional punch is to Write Your Truth. Writing about pain and loss and grief isn’t easy; if your work is polished and it reads like content generated by an AI, your reader won’t feel your pain — that’s what it’s all about.


 · Personal grief is one of the hardest things to write about. I’m editing something based on personal grief right now, and it’s emotionally draining to say the least. Keep at it, I’m sure she’d be proud of you, no matter how slow you may feel your progress is.


 · Tips for dealing with death and grief in our characters and our writing. Joanna talks about some of the issues tackled in Desecration. Why we are able to write about grief that we might not have experienced personally; Why it's okay to be comfortable with the subject of death; On changes in death culture as boomers age


 · Our grief is collective. When moving through grief, I struggle to find any source of inspiration. I’m supposed to be writing a book—my resolution for 2020 was to finish the book I started in grad school. Specifically, in the last few months, I haven’t known how or what to write. Or maybe it’s that the writing feels inconsequential.

Writing About Grief . A weekend long intensive Creative Writing Workshop facilitated by award winning writer, Jacob Scheier. This is an intensive workshop course on creative non-fiction (memoir, personal essay) and poetry engaging personal experiences of loss and grief.