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Creative Writing -All of a sudden Thomas let out a deafening shriek before collapsing onto the cold, hard ground. He tried to get up, fighting the Griever that had just attacked him.

Creative Writing Short Story The Maze Game, Pt. 3 of 4 August 27, 2016 February 7, 2017 MAJOR Johnson 848 Views 1 Comment Ashtrail University , creepypasta , creepypasta horror story , MAYJOR Johnson , The Maze Game , video game horror


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Like an infinite maze. I'd want to meet him again, By chance or by grace. When I wake up in this dream, I will remember that face. So I could make a poem, Of our glorious days. ... Creative Writing. The Elusion. By Olumisin Tolulope Abisola. Jul 28, 2020. Poetry. Dancing Away Sorrow. By Gypsy Rose Lee. Sep 27, 2018. Poetry. A Painful Goodbye ...

Dave Maze Writing for Readers. Menu Skip to content. Home; Search. Search for: creative writing The Plumber’s Swan Song. September 25, 2016 September 25, 2016 / Mazetheauthor / Leave a comment. Good news! The letter came in the mail, and they’ve granted me permission to make a young boy named Hunseo Kim’s dream come true.