Creative writing about an orphanage

Creative writing is like that, of course. But in this case, I’d stumbled into something very big: I now knew the beginning of my story. I was fully connected to the world. I was no longer a dead branch resting on a single tree. I was a swirling bough connecting that tree with two others that had been there all along.


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 · I'm writing a story where the MC is living in an orphanage, but I don't really know a whole lot about what goes on in an orphanage. If anyone here could answer a …

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 · The second thing I had to do to start writing this story was to update my creative writing ability. It is a long time since I was at school and I haven't really done much writing over the years. Technology has changed the way we communicate with each other and letter writing …


 · I visited an orphanage last week and discovered a new piece of information about that type of institution in my country (Indonesia). Quite a trip, actually. Enough to make me wanting to write about it. It was on a late afternoon. Not my first time to visit the orphanage, but during this second visit I…