Creative writing about snorkeling


 · Descriptive Writing: The Sea. 09/25/2013 by hilarylo The bluish sea was irradiated by the sunlight. It was like myriads of blue gems were shinning and it made the colour more gorgeous. ... My family went for snorkeling but I was still scared from my bottom of my heart.


 · Your children will enjoy these five wet and wild writing prompts about water. Each one invites them to write magical, whimsical, or adventurous stories that take place in or near the water. What are you waiting for? Grab the kids and dive right in! 1. Air Snorkeling. As you walk along the beach, an old snorkeling mask washes ashore.


 · It was a very early morning. We squinted outside the window, the sun was still cloaked in a piece of black veil. Within ten minutes, six girls sprang from the bed and swift freshened up. Outside our hostel, a burly man with bronze-colored skin was greeting. We got on the bus and chattered on and…

The next morning we went snorkeling. It was really cool at first I was nervous but after a while I liked it. My favorite part of it was when I saw these little blue and green fish swimming with us. After we got tired of it we started swimming. Later my dad and I went snorkeling again and saw a little nurse shark!

Creative writing Diary entry ... I’ve been snorkelling on a reef for the past few days it has been amazing there are so many colourful fish and the water is so clear. I have been shopping at the local markets and have bought some cool bracelets made out of pretty shells to give to my sisters.