Creative writing characterisation

Characterization is one of the keys to building a good fiction (or creative non-fiction) story. The better an author knows his character the more convincing the story can be. That’s why so many authors use the same characters over and over.


 · In creative writing, practice is key. Try these creative writing exercises for deeper characerization. Use every detail, from appearance to movement, gesture, voice, habit, and reputation to make your characters great: Contents. Rich character: Definition 1. Play ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ 2. Think about ‘The clothes make the man’ 3.

A fun set of activities to begin a creative unit on characterisation. Using a picture as stimulus it prompts pupils to develop a well-rounded character and think about how to include different aspects in their own writing.

Creative Writing: Characterisation Developing character Activity: (This should take about 10 minutes to complete) 1. One way of developing character is to freewrite about your character based on either chosen or given headings. These headings can inspire a history of your character.

In creative writing we become, in a way, like God. In short stories, novels and poems, we construct a world then fill it with people who take on a life of their own. Iris Murdoch described a novel as ‘a fit house for free characters to live in’.

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Writing is all about experimenting, so don’t be afraid to do something really different with your characters – after all it’s your story! Best of luck with creating characters and your writing and don’t forget to download your free creative writing tracker – I personally use mine to track every single writing session I …


 · Characterisation is the way authors create characters and make them believable. When writing about texts, it is easy to treat characters as real people. Try to remember that the author is …


 · Creative writing prompts for creating characters. Most authors agree that fiction is primarily driven by characters. Experienced authors will talk about characters who take over the story, who have their own separate and independent consciousnesses.