Creative writing hacks


 · Creative writing is an exhausting process, both physically and emotionally. Your chair is much more comfortable than many other work places in the world, but writing is a process that can take a great toll on your mind, and anyone who has encountered a writer’s block knows to what I am referring.


 · I can change your writing forever. All I need is your full attention for the next few minutes. Here, you’ll learn the most useful writing hacks that will completely transform your writing, so you can become a real pro on Medium. 1. Cut the long words. Longer sentences doesn’t make you look smarter. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Going hand in hand with the above hack, this one is admittedly controversial, but I stand behind it fully. If you want to sharpen your writing, you need to write frequently. No, not everything you write will be award-worthy, but it’s not about writing high quality content. Writing daily is about teaching yourself how to think as a writer.


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