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Used for an IMYC lesson themed around 'balance&', a creative writing lesson about the balance of good and evil and the scales tipping from one to the other. Please …

Dr. Jekyll’s behaviour becomes increasingly strange until he locks himself in his laboratory. Dr. Jekyll’s butler and Utterson finally break down the door, because they hear a voice inside the laboratory that did not sound like Jekyll’s. They discover Mr Hyde, who is wearing Dr. Jekyll’s clothes.


 · In this pack are a full half term's work for Y10 that combines creative writing and the first half of Jekyll and Hyde novella. This is a good approach as it breaks up the novella for the students who may find it tiresome.

Writing Prompts and Essay Questions. Try these writing prompts and essay questions in your classroom to help students get started on their essays. Copy the information on the board and brainstorm ideas for other creative essay topics for papers on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Collins’ The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Student Guide has been designed to improve skills in both English Language and Literature, and help students understand the play’s themes and contexts. Complete with plot and character summaries, end of chapter tasks, and sample responses, the Guide helps prepare students to ace the exam.

An booklet of independent tasks based around Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The booklet contains 9 tasks that can be completed within the booklet without internet access. These tasks include reading and comprehension activities, independent writing tasks …


 · Jekyll and Hyde Fantasy World Building! Discussion in ' Setting Development ' started by Adam Bolander , Aug 5, 2020 . I've spent the last couple of days developing a new fantasy world.

With Jekyll and Hyde being a gothic favourite, there’s no wonder it’s taught in so many English classrooms today. To encourage your students to read on and uncover the secrets of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, we have drawn together a series of lessons and activities you can use when teaching the topic at KS3, KS4 or KS5.

Prim, But Grim . In a book about the duality of human experience, we think it's only fitting that Robert Louis Stevenson uses a kind of split approach when it comes to the writing style of Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.On the one hand, he's writing in the Victorian era, for a Victorian audience.What that means for us modern readers is that this book's style comes across as, well, old.