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Posts about creative writing written by R. Guile. Now class, before I return the papers you turned in last week, I’d just like to make a few comments that apply to everyone.

Tag Archives: Creative Writing Still. ... We were fond of of isolating ourselves, happy to sit in the melancholy, trying gingerly to avoid each other, avoid the difficult and awkward conversations and confrontation. Eventually we left one by one, and drifted apart.

Tag: creative writing Melancholy Sea Wading. Swarmed by blankets. Drowning in pillows. I swam in a sea of sleep. Tossing and turning. Reaching for something. Flailing and failing. For someone. Something. A solid anchor. Asleep beside me. He’s been missing for so long. Here in one instance.

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I’m writing this post because I feel I must and because it’s high time creative folk stopped fearing emotions like melancholy. Happiness Is Overrated. The first thing we need to do is to forget about this search for happiness that’s been pushed upon us by certain contemporary authors and podcasters. Happiness is, to my way of think ...