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Self-harm has a lot to do with control and by writing a story or a poem, you have full control over the characters, the setting and the emotions. It allows you to release your demons onto the lines in front of you instead of keeping them stuffed in your busy mind. Like I said, writing …

What to consider when writing about suicide and self-harm; Problems arising from certain portrayal of suicide (or self-harm) methods – one of the main dangers lies in the detail that a writer might include about the methods. (Essentially, the more detail, the more risk.) Recommended use of language and a list of terms that are better avoided.

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 · Addressing Self Harm in Fiction Writing (Guest Post) By. Christy Birmingham-Reyes - August 21 ... They have so much on their shoulders from a young age with exams and homework that being creative is a wonderful way for them to ... The stats about self-harm you quote are frightening and it is deeply saddening and disturbing ...

SELF-HARM The thrill of the blade cutting through my veins; gone are those days of self harm and pain. I thought it made me happier, thought it made me strong, but all it did was get me stuck in a circle of life that was wrong. I knew I had to get out; I knew I had to break free; but I thought I had nothing else to look forward to without it


 · More creative writing on self harm *SH triggers* Please read with care It’s in the blistering white heat of metal pressing into this soft messy mass of skin and unanswered questions, that’s where I conquer my pain for all of a few moments.


 · Self-mutilation and eating disorders can lead to suicide or at least suicide attempts. Eleven percent of suicides in 1990 were a result of girls cutting their wrists. (Copeland Lewis 18) Also, suicide, like self-harm is a result of many forms of depression. Many different things lead to self-harm.


 · That’s something that’s been on my mind a lot lately, self harm. It’s like my eyes have been opened to a completely different reality. Now when I hear people making a big joke out of self harm it frustrates me as much as hearing homophobic or racist slurs.