Creative writing short story unit

ENG2D RUBRIC: Creative Writing Task: Short Story Unit Categories 50%-59% (Level 1) 60%-69% (Level 2) 70%-79% (Level 3) 80%-100% (Level 4) Knowledge and Understanding: WRITING /10 The student: Knowledge of content 2.1 Demonstrates limited knowledge of form Demonstrates some knowledge of form (story has a beginning, middle and end) Demonstrates ...

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Short Story Unit – Creative Writing Task CONTEXT Throughout the short story unit, we have focused on the elements of fiction, the structure of dialogue, and issue analysis in text. We have discussed the purpose of the various elements of fiction, as well as how authors ensure that the elements work in

Unit Goal: In this unit, writers will implement the elements of creative fiction to write vivid short stories. As a community of writers, we will strive to write interesting works of short fiction by reading work across a broad spectrum of content and form, and from this learn how to read these pieces both as a scholar and as a creative writer.

Looking for an innovative short story unit that will get your students sharpening their close reading skills, discussing big ideas, and exploring literary elements on a deeper level?. These lessons on “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan will push your students to dig deep, get creative, and fully appreciate Tan’s wonderful writing.

Short Story Unit Overview. It is important that students are exposed to many different aspects of writing. Exploring a unit of short stories offers students many opportunities to internalize and apply the knowledge they gain about reading and interpreting literature to the next story they read.


 · A short story unit is the perfect way to begin a school year. Short stories are quick and applicable to so many learning standards. Yet, they are versatile, so you can really incorporate them whenever and however you want. People often debate which short …

In-class activity: 10-minute writing about one of the short story topics on this story prompts page. Students should focus on showing instead of telling. Homework: Students read "Shelter" by Charles Baxter and develop their in-class writing assignment at home.

Narrative Writing Unit Contents Introduction 3 Framework objectives 6 Unit plan for weeks 1 and 2 7 Unit plan for week 3 8 Resource sheets 1. Lesson notes for week 1, days 1 and 2 10 2. Narrative framework for writing 12 3. Examples of types of narrative writing 13 4. Checklists for effective narrative writing 14 5. OHT Mac’s short adventure ...