Creative writing task macbeth

Task 2: Create a 'biopoem' for both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. A bio poem is a biography in the form of a poem that follows a strict form with 11 lines, each listing specific characteristics about a person. Bio poems are used frequently in introductory lessons about poetry writing.

Aimed at helping reluctant GCSE level students to produce imaginative / creative writing, this is a task based on the scene in Macbeth when Banquo is murdered. There is a link to a Youtube video of forest sounds to help students imagine the sensory information …

Ideas for writing activities linked to Macbeth including vocabulary and writing for a range of purposes. Shakespeare Week is a free celebration for UK primary school aged children. Register now to access resources and events & join in the fun! ... Macbeth: Creative Writing English.


 · Macbeth Creative Writing Task. The Doctor. Yes I, I am the Doctor (even though not many were women). I was the one who stood and watched over our poor Lady Macbeth whilst she was ill in bed. Although you will no doubt hear otherwise from …

Student handouts, possible rubric, sample assignment, and detailed instructions for this engaging creative writing task for Shakespeare's Macbeth. Over the course of studying the play, students rewrite three key scenes, getting feedback in the process, and then they select one which best represents


 · A creative activity to support teaching and learning of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Students consider the death of Duncan from the guards' perspective.