Creative writing warm up activities


 · These pre-writing activities and kid-friendly writing warm-ups provide structure for thinking about the writing task and a low-risk way to take those first forward motions. 1. ... Content-area word banks are a great warm-up for writing across the curriculum. ... Their sketches can serve as a launching pad to creative writing.


 · Warm-up is the secret weapon of a creative person. It can spawn the ideas, it can get you out of a creative rut. In other words — it is the best way to improve yourself and your writing skills ...

Sometimes, finding the inspiration to tackle a creative writing assignment requires some pre-writing exercise. Use the following quick warm-ups to help your students jump-start their imaginations.

Every writer needs to warm up. We need to get that brain into writing mode, make sure the muscles are limber and ready to get to work. I use warm ups especially when I don’t feel like writing. Instead of walking away from my desk, I do an exercise. Nine times out of ten by


 · Creative Writing Warm-up Activities. Write about yourself doing something scary in the future, in the 3rd person. Choose two or three random words which the students have to link in a piece of free writing. This is more or less a creative game that ALWAYS yields hilarious (and inventive) results. Write continuously for two minutes.