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 · Creative Writing Powerpoint 1. S. Lewington 2. What is a narrative? It is a way of telling a story. This story may be fact or fantasy. A narrative is not a recount. The main purpose of a recount is to retell past events or experiences. Recounts usually retell events in the order they occurred.


 · The first part of a creative writing for Year 7 students. Students assess their own writing skills, and then build these skills up. Sentence types, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary and literary devices. Can be adapted to suit ability (I am aiming it here at writing levels 4 - 6).

Essay Writing Help -The Secret to Write an Excellent Essay - Good students always relish challenges of writing essays because they consider it as a way to demonstrate their academic and writing skills. It is true that essay writing allows students to showcase their learned knowledge and understanding of the subject in a creative way.

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 · Key Differences In creative writing the most of the part is self-created, although the idea might be inspired but in technical writing the facts are to be obliged and the note is delivered from leading on what previously other greats have concluded. Most commonly, the creative writing is for general audience or for masses but technical writing is for specific audience. The creative writing ...

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