Description of shock creative writing


 · 1st is the shock from a physical or an emotional source. 2nd keep track of the environment, including other characters, around the character because the character will be oblivious. 3rd use the environment and other characters to show that your character is disassociated and …in shock.

I like to describe shock by skipping the event that caused the shock, which is somewhat realistic and pretty interesting. When I was like 11 I was at an activity where I was learning about embroidery. There was an extra needle and the son of one o...

Learning how to show surprise in writing can be a little challenging, because the “show, don’t tell” rule in writing is sometimes difficult when applied to emotions. The emotion of surprise and shock can be difficult to show to readers, but with a few tips and suggestions, this task can become much easier for …


 · I'm writing a story at school and I really want to get a good grade on it because my teacher knows that I want to be an author. But how do you describe someone being in shock but without saying 'she was flabbergasted' or something like that? thanks


 · When it comes to emotion, sometimes we need a brainstorming nudge. After all, each character will express their feelings differently depending on their personality, emotional range, and comfort zone. We hope this short, sample list of expressions will help you … Continue reading →


 · Creative Writing Forums - Writing Help ... but I'm having trouble putting it into words/description. Stormsong07, Mar 18, 2019 #1. jannert and Just a cookiemunster ... perfectly fine. I went home, I went to bed, straight to sleep, woke up the next morning and did my routine. I was in shock and when it hit me it really hit me ...


 · See what I mean? If you want to portray shock, try some S or T alliteration ('S' as a consonant can sometimes leave a generally "evil" impression on the reader, like a hissing sound, if you have a negative mood being set. Doesn't feel right to the reader. Or T alliteration really attacks with its harsh punctuation.) Get creative, and good luck!

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 · It will help you to translate emotions and thoughts into written body language. Obviously, a character may exhibit a number of these behaviours. For example, he or she may be shocked and angry, or shocked and happy. Use these combinations as needed.


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