Doing his homework en anglais


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Je viens de finir mon devoir d'Anglais avec Anne. Most writing is done as homework. Le travail par écrit est la plupart du temps donné en devoir. Do your IP homework first 1. Faites d'abord vos devoirs en matière de PI 1. ... Thanks for helping with his homework. Merci de l'avoir aidé à faire ses devoirs.

The way you have written your sentence isn't exactly correct, but does carry a meaning, though not the one you're intending. You're saying "I'm helping my brother BY doing his homework." This implies that you are doing all of your brother's homework in an attempt to help him, while he isn't doing any of it.

My brother doesn’t like to doing his homework. My brother don’t like doing his homework. My brother doesn’t like doing his homework. d. We hate make the dinner. We hate making the dinner. We hate made the dinner. e. I love for use LearnEnglish Kids! I love using LearnEnglish Kids! I love to using LearnEnglish Kids! 2. Find the mistake!

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Eric does not doing his homework. b) Eric is not do his homework. c) Eric is not doing his homework. 5) Which negative sentence is in the Present Progressive? a) We aren't write a test. b) We aren't writing a test. c) We don't writing a test. 6) Which question is in the Present Progressive? a) Does he sing in the bathroom? b) Is he singing in ...


 · There's no sense in doing it if you're just doing it wrong to get it done. try to let the homework take as long as it needs to take to make sure you do it correctly. You can make yourself take enough time by having your gate-keeper (the person with your phone or video game controller) check over your homework for quality when you're done.

Robert discovered his love for music long before acting and started learning the guitar and piano at the age of four. He became a big cinephile for love of auteur cinema in his early teens and preferred to watch films rather than doing his homework. In his late teens and early twenties, ...


Gezond én actief thuiswerken? Dat doe je met het ergonomische meubilair van Worktrainer!