Drinking wine and doing homework

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 · Courtesy of Merrill Debbs After 11-year-old boy's sudden BEM | Alcohol While Doing Homework – 583460I started doing it and I got to say that as long as it is one glass, I can focus on my homework and Drinking a beer while doing homework: Glass of wine while doing homework – artisanyprecast.com4 Nov 2013 The results of the study aren't as clear as they seem though.


 · There's nothing wrong with drinking a glass of wine while you do your homework, especially considering you are above 21. A lot of doctors even say one glass of wine a day even has some health benefits. I personally just take two shots of vodka before I do my homework.

Cheers to Sundays spent drinking wine and doing homework while I'd rather be drinking wine and riding my bike! Close • Posted by just now. Cheers to Sundays spent drinking wine and doing homework while I'd rather be drinking wine and riding my bike! 0 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in ...

But when I'm a couple beers in I seem to just only give a fuck about my homework. It certainly doesn't improve the efficiency. Like if I was drinking during a test, I'd perform worse, but during a test I'm fully focused. I also usually do it on mindless homework, that I don't need to scour through a conceptual textbook to understand.


 · If it pleases you to believe that drinking wine will help you with homework, go ahead but I don't see the point of this question. Feb 13, 2012 #14 sweetpotato. 153 1. Nano-Passion said: For others who may not know, red wine has many health benefits and it is recommended to drink a …