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Writing/Research Requirement. Furman prioritizes the development of writing and research skills during all four years. Writing/Research (W/R) requirement courses, capped at eighteen students, are offered throughout the university, and students may fulfill the W/R requirement in any department.

Rarely does one find a small college with the wide range of English courses that Furman offers, covering everything from Film Noir and Immersion Journalism to Writing Poetry and the Victorian Novel. Our classes are innovative and robust, engaging you at every level, grounding you in the liberal arts, and propelling you forward in any number of careers.

At Furman, you can choose an area of study you’re interested in and passionate about. Our department offers a rich array of disciplines to dive into. Whatever your choices, you’ll be enriched by our individualized approach. We meet with students one-on-one, often repeatedly, in every class we offer. Fields within the Discipline of English

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Furman University ... ENG-200 Introduction to Creative Writing; ENG-476 Senior Seminar in Writing; at least eight more credits of writing instruction: ENG-210 Advanced Composition; ENG-211 Professional Communication; ENG-212 Journalism Principles and Practice; ENG-213 Investigative Reporting;

The formats of writing may have changed throughout the centuries but as long as there are people, there’s going to be written communication as well. As a Writing Consultant here at the Furman University Writing and Media Lab it’s my job to help make sure that our students and staff frame their writing in the best possible light.