Jenny is doing her homework

Q2. Jenny is doing her homework. (a) When Jenny writes, the pencil exerts a force of 5N on the paper. not to scale The area of the pencil in contact with the paper is 0.5 mm2. Calculate the pressure of the pencil on the paper. Give the unit..... 2 marks (b) Jenny puts a book on her desk.

Jenny engages in disruptive behavior in an attempt to get out of doing her homework. In an attempt to decrease Jenny's disruptive behavior, each time Jenny asks for assistance instead of engaging in disruptive behavior, her parents help her with her homework.

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Jenny is doing an experiment to see if students in her class like apples or oranges best. She will offer each student an apple or an orange. Then she will record how many students took each kind of fruit.What is a valid prediction Jenny could make about the results of her experiment?

Jenny does her homework because she is afraid that if she doesn't, her parents will get angry with her and she will get in trouble. According to Kohlberg, Jenny's actions exemplify what stage of moral reasoning? where people have strong moral reactions, but …