Oil price shocks thesis

world oil price was recorded 115 US $/bbl as compared to previous year 2010 it was 83 US $/bbl, so world oil prices showed increase of almost 39%. Due to increase in world oil prices cause decrease in the oil consumption of Pakistan because Pakistan’s oil prices also goes up to 28% in 2011.

Oil price shocks versus quantitative easing An analysis of the Eurozone Author: Bas van Marle Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Casper de Vries August 18, 2015. Preface and Acknowledgements This thesis serves as the completion of my master’s degree in Economics and Business with the specialisation Financial Economics.

Title: Oil Price Shocks Effect on Economic Growth – OPEC versus non-OPEC Economies Subject: Macroeconomics Authors: Hanna Boheman and Josephine Maxén Supervisor: Dr. Pontus Hansson Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to analyse how oil price shocks affect the economic growth in net-oil exporting countries.

Thesis on Exogenous Effects of Oil Price Shocks Assignment Global economic performance is clearly dependent on the price of Oil. Oil prices affect the macroeconomic stability of a nation. Geopolitical tensions have created a destabilizing effect on the world economy.

Comparing the impacts of oil price shocks and interest rate (monetary) shocks on the stock market, in most oil importing countries oil price shocks have a greater impact than interest rate shocks, except for a few countries where monetary policy responds systemically to oil price shocks by raising interest rates, which leads to a decline in real stock returns.

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