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Click through an example age 7-8 writing lesson. Just one of 400 lessons across all ages ready to go! 1/19. Some interactive features are not available on this preview. Both my children recently had work set via Pobble and it was the most motivated and inspired they’ve been.

Story starter! He just couldn’t help himself because he had always been greedy, fat rat. Up until this moment, he had never been spotted by a human.

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Year 2 – Creative Writing – The Amazing Pebble Story. Posted on May 17, 2019 by Mr G Owen • 0 Comments. In literacy today, Year 2 were busy writing their Amazing Pebble Story. The children put lots of work into their plans and focused on characters, descriptions, settings, a problem and a solution.

1. Read a book of your choice on Pebble Go. 2. Click on the template to get started. 3. Use the :label: tool to add a label. Complete the sentences I started for you. You must tell me 3 things you learned! 4. Use the :mic: to record yourself reading what you wrote. 5. Click the green :check: when you're done!

Not that impressed, bass was thin, no separation or quality/feel to them and seeing that generally Creative speakers appeared to be well respected I also bought myself a set of Creative Pebble Desktop Speakers, 2.0 USB and instantly packed up the other 2 sets for postage back to Amazon. Deep enough bass, good midrange and the top sits just nice.

These days, though, we have a community of tens of thousands of teachers around the world logging on daily to find creative writing lesson ideas, and artists who generously share their work to ...


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