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Days of the week. The Anglo-Saxons were pagans when they came to Britain, but, as time passed, they gradually converted to Christianity. Many of the customs we have in England today come from pagan festivals.. Pagans worshiped lots of different gods. Each pagan god controlled a particular part of everyday life: the family, growing crops, love, healing, wisdom, metalworking, the weather, war ...

The Ango-Saxon's gave England her name. The area we now call England was named Britania by the Romans. Introduction. What was England like? England looked very different 1,600 years ago when the Anglo-Saxons came to our shores.

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What Religion did the Anglo-Saxons follow? - Religion . Where do the names of the days of the week originate from? Days of the Week . Why is Sutton Hoo famous? Sutton Hoo . What were Anglo Saxon Villages like? Saxon Villages . What did the Anglo-Saxons Eat and Drink? Food and Drink . Who invaded England after the Anglo-Saxons? Who invaded next?

Primary homework help co uk saxons religion. Buddhism began in India about 2, years ago. It is the fourth-largest religion in the primary. A Buddhist is someone who help writing on family the teachings of a man called Siddhartha Gautama or Siddattha Gotamawho became primary as the Buddha.