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 · Two lessons that explore the poem Remains using descriptive writing as a hook. This is an engaging lesson with support for developing learners. This lesson also encourages students to consider sentence structure and flashback before allowing them chance to engage with the poem.

Creative writing lesson using the AQA Anthology poem ‘Remains’ as a stimulus. Suitable for mid- to higher ability KS3 or lower ability KS4.


 · Three lessons on the poem 'Remains’ Full poem, context, analysis, question on how language is used to present conflict. Lesson 3 is a creative writing lesson using ‘Remains’ as a basis


 · What Remains. We speed along the black river The wires on shore buzzing And cutting into our flesh ... March 25, 2020 mydangblog Creative Writing, Poetry Post navigation ... What remains is my sincere admiration for this wonderful poem. ...


 · Once you’ve spent a little time perusing some poems and getting a sense of what you like and what speaks to you, the best way to start writing poems is to simply…write a poem. If this seems easier said than done, or if the horror of the blank page feels …

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 · Revise and learn about Simon Armitage's poem, Remains with BBC Bitesize GCSE English Literature poetry resources.


 · A reading of the poem In depth stanza by stanza analysis Unfamiliar Vocabulary - Imagery Grid Exploration of form, structure, language, effect and colloquialisms within the poem Questions for understanding Longer Essay Question Relevant and engaging plenary to consolidate the students' learning A must have for anyone looking to teach 'Remains'.

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A poem should always have birds in it. Kingfishers, say, with their bold eyes and gaudy wings. Rivers are pleasant, and of course trees. A waterfall, or if that’s not possible, a fountain rising and falling. A person wants to stand in a happy place, in a poem. When the woman turned I could not answer her face.

This PowerPoint is perfect for revision. It supports creative writing whilst embedding a knowledge and understanding of the poems from the Power and Conflict Cluster using quotes as inspiration..