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 · Tips for Drafting Report Card Comments for Writing Skills Start Early. Leaving your report card comments to the last minute is stressful and something that you don’t have to suffer through. Instead, chunk your time. Let’s say your report card comments for writing are due May 25th. Then start working on them May 17th or even May 11th.


 · A Simple Formula for Writing Report Card Comments. So here’s just one more tip I want to share with you! It’s a simple formula that you can apply when writing your comments. I really think it will make things a bit easier for you. 1: Start with a positive …

50 Quick Report Card Comments For Assessing Elementary Student Writing Skills These quick tips will help you accurately assess your student's writing skills for their report cards. Remember whenever you are writing these comments; feel free to customize them …

__'s writing is creative, but often has many errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. __ enjoys writing in his/her free time. I always look forward to reading his/her stories. __ has difficulty getting his/her thoughts down on paper in a timely manner. __ puts a great deal of time and effort into his/her writing.

I always struggle with writing report cards but this resource made it a lot more efficient :) Gabrielle G. After 22 years of teaching, I couldn't be more thrilled about this MASSIVE, creative, useful bank of Report Card Comments.

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 · 65 Awesome Report Card Comments for Kindergarten It's that time of year, friends - time for report cards! For some, writing report card comments can be stressful, and leave you feeling mentally exhausted. But, did you