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 · In "18 Rugby St" he recalls how "In the roar of soul your scar told me - / Like its secret name, or its password - / How you had tried to kill yourself". The Awakening by Kate Chopin


 · Writing scary scenes, for me, are always the most fun. I want to throw everything out there, make it as heart-pounding suspenseful as possible, but making those scary parts unexpected, as you said. If the reader sees it coming, it’s just not as scary.


 · The amount of character description really depends on the writer and their writing style. Some writers are really good at writing beautiful character descriptions, so they might make their descriptions longer. Other writers have a very to-the-point and less descriptive writing style, so their character descriptions may be very sparse.


 · I'm writing a book and my character has a scar covering his eye and I need some help describing what the scar looks like...if you could help I would greatly appreciate it


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5 creative similes for the stars. The stars looked: 1. …like scattered moondust in the sky. 2. …like a large hand had tossed diamond dust into the sky. 3. …like beacons of hope for all the lost souls of the world. 4. … like bejewelled grains of sand allowed to sparkle in silence.