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Self-help is an admirable quality'. It means not to invite any body's help for doing a work. Those who need the help of others in doing their works they lose their self-confidence. So, it is right to say that self-help increases self-confidence. Thus self-help is nothing but …


 · Short Paragraph on Self Help is the Best Help. Self Help is the Best Help is an old proverb and it has some deep meanings. It indicates a situation of a person where he or she becomes fully confident and can do everything in his life himself. It is a very important part of life. Everyone needs to become self-confident and need to depend on own.

Self-help is the best help Meaning: It is said that “Self-help is the best help”. Self-help means always trying to help yourself without depending on others. If means that whatever you can do or you are in a position to do, you should do it. For example, whenever you feel hungry and you want to […]

ADVERTISEMENTS: Self-help means the habit of doing ones work oneself. God has given us intelligence and physical strength. It is our duty to use them properly for our benefit in life. ‘God helps them who help themselves’. Related posts: Short Essay on Literacy – Essay for School Students 319 words Essay for school students on […]

What is self help? It means helping oneself. Does it mean that one need not help others? Reading between the lines, it indicates that one should not depend on others for any help. Is it possible not to depend on anybody? A school student has to depend on his/ her parents to …


 · Self Help is the Best Help. Once there was a poor weaver named Sam. He was very lazy and always used to shirk the work. He could not earn much because of it. He always used to blame his fate for all adversities in his life and the failures that he used to face. He kept on living like this for years together and did not even try to mend his ways.

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Self help is the best help, is an old proverb that means one should help him or herself and not wait for others to come to one’s help. One must at all times try to support oneself and not delay for other people to come and assist when one works hard.

Short Essay on Self-Reliance. Category: Essays and Paragraphs On March 6, ... Finally, with the help of self-reliance, you can represent yourself properly to others. Conclusion. Only independent people can develop a country or nation. A person who has self-reliance he can measure himself and can improve his …

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