Technology and creative writing

Technology can be used to support any subject and technology to support creative writing is one such area. Here are some of my favourite but often overlooked sites and tools as well as some staples for inspiration, creation and publication and they work just as well in primary as they do secondary and in further education.

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Technology and Creative Writing I: “Technology and Community in the Creative Writing Classroom” by Jade Faul This panel provided detailed insight on how to use technology in a field that has been slow to adapt to new technological movements and computer-assisted pedagogy, and this field is creative writing.

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These free creative writing prompts deal with both ends of the spectrum, both the benefits and the detriments of these new, "more efficient" ways of doing things. I am definitely pro-technology, but also pro-consciousness, which I believe requires the ability to leave technology …

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 · I can’t wait to see what technologies hit the mainstream next! Creative Writing Prompts. These creative writing prompts encourage you to think about technology. Whether you’re including technology in a story or writing about your views of technology, it’s something that almost certainly affects your daily life.

While a small investment in technology may be necessary to get these kinds of programs off the ground, many teachers report that students who get to be creative and use high-tech tools to augment their writing actually work harder, are more willing to revise, and want to create something that will be truly great, not just please the teacher.