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 · It can also serve as a creative outlet, providing a space for you to explore new writing styles or ideas. Journaling can also serve as a way of documenting travels or memorable life events. It may feel silly at the time, but there’s no doubt it’s an invaluable treat to re-read something and have it transport you right back to what you were feeling at that moment.

Feeling free to express yourself is a vital part of keeping a meaningful journal. You may also like report writing examples. 6. Be creative. Remember, this is your journal and yours alone. No one can dictate to you on how your journal should be written. No one can tell you what to add and what not to add. If you are a guy who likes his journal ...

The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing. Search in: Advanced search ... Full Text | PDF (822 KB) 48 ... The writing teacher: rethinking assessment and transformative learning in the creative writing classroom. Kevin Price .

The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice is the official organ of the Writing Purposefully in Art and Design (Writing PAD) network. It offers art and design institutions an arena in which to explore and develop the notion of thinking through writing as a parallel to visual discourse in art and design practice.