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The Torah (Jewish Law), the primary document of Judaism, was given to the Jews by the Prophet Moses (Moshe) about 3,300 years ago. The Jewish calendar starts with the day when Adam and Eve were created (the Sixth Day of Creation).

Sagie Maoz. In Judaism, the word Torah in its narrowest sense refers to the first five books, or Pentateuch, of the Hebrew Bible. These books, traditionally credited to Moses, are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy (see Bible; Judaism; Moses).This written Torah is preserved in all Jewish synagogues on handwritten scrolls of parchment.


 · Torah refers to the five books of Moses which are known in Hebrew as Chameesha Choomshey Torah. These are: Bresheit (Genesis), Shemot (Exodus), Vayicra (Leviticus), Bamidbar (Numbers), and Devarim ...

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