Waking up description creative writing


 · Make waking up a point to focus on, instead of just a lazy transition. And, however tempting it may be, do not overuse this technique. If every scene starts with the character waking up, it’s going to feel mundane. If your character suffers from insomnia, then you may find yourself writing many scenes with them waking up, often still tired.

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 · Remember, the key to any scene, including something like waking up is for there to be some struggle. If there is no struggle, than there is no reason to write the scene. The struggle can be as simple as the main character knowing he has to do something quickly, but his body is …

My little old copper alarm clock rests on my desk tick tocking away each inevitable second of the day, only to shake, rattle, and ring me to wake every morning. As I lay there in bed, half dead, sometimes wishing maybe that I was, achy and tired stretching and scratching like a jungle cat,...

Part One. Note: For those of you who are thinking about publishing, please use this wisely. One of the five openings to avoid is a wake-up scene. Agents usually hate them, however, for those are you who are writing a short story for school or are writing fanfiction, or are writing just for fun, then by all means go ahead and use this.


 · my little creative version :]-----I opened my eyes. The sunlight bathed my skin as I lay on my side. i tried closing my eyes. what had happened yesterday was something i didnt want to deal with today. thoughts bit at my brain, forbidding me to go back to sleep. i looked around me. i felt guilty for running away from home. i knew that my mom was crying and my stupid stepdad was trying to ...


 · Creative Writing Forums - Writing Help, Writing Workshops, ... The MC has been out long enough to be drug into a room and tied up and the scene I'm trying to start begins with them waking up, ... I'd say you should go with a description of what the character is feeling as she realizes where she is and that she is tied up.