Wild west creative writing


 · Get your cowboy hat and get ready to inspire your students with this immersive Western story prompt! The ultimate** creative writing starter**, this tool will supply students with a rodeo of corrupt Sheriffs, jaded cowboys, shootouts and wild west action that will make their writing explode onto the page like dynamite!

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 · 5 Wild West Writing Prompts. You’re a sheriff in an old, western town. One day, something very peculiar happens. Finish this story. Write a story that takes place in the old west. Use at least 5 of the following words: howdy, y’all, longhorns, ranch, horse, lasso, cactus, corral, wild, flea-bitten;

This is my journey through English II. I learned all about the wild west while writing papers, watching movies, and making a power point presentation. These papers and projects are on display throughout my website. I hope you enjoy reading about the wild west and maybe learn something new along the way!

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A presentation that takes the children through how to expand nouns with adjectives through to writing a quality description of a Wild West setting. Includes work on 'phrases', 'similes' and how to drive around the scene using prepositions and noun starters.


 · 🎨 Creative 101 Western Plot ideas. ... So what i am looking for is for everyone to post a plot idea that can happen in the Wild Wild West. ... best to get a proper range war going, so he can take over, and maybe marry the old man's daughter in the bargain. The wild horse dispute is just the fuse he needs to light this powder keg, ...