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World War I began on 28 July 1914 and ended on 11 November 1918. World War I was called ‘The Great War’ until World War II began in 1939, which also involved countries from all around the world. An Armistice was signed that ended World War I at 11:00am on 11 November, 1918. This meant that the countries that were fighting against each other agreed to stop.

World War 1 was meant to be “the war to end all wars” only it just started another one (see World War 2 for more info.) But, how did World War 1 start? The causes of World War 1 World War 1 was caused by the assassination of the ruler of the Austrian-Hungarian empire. The […]

Homework help about history of the Great War, how it ended and Remembrance Day. Time: 28 th July 1914 – 11 th November 1918 World War 1 was also known as The Great War.

World War I , history homework help October 13, 2020 / 0 Comments / in / by Essays desk. ... Write 2 letters – each one should be approx. 1 – 2 pages in length. 1. Write a letter home to your family about what life is like along the Western Front. The letter must include the following:

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World War I lasted from 1914 to 1918. It was known at first as the Great War and the War to End All Wars. It was the largest war that the world had seen up to that time. Most of the battles took place in Europe and the Middle East . More than 8 million soldiers and sailors died, and more than 20 million were injured. The war was so bad that ...

Essay world war 1, writing homework help September 11, 2020 / in Assignment Help / by wp Participation in World War I led to many changes in the U.S. …


 · World War 1 was started 1911 when the Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria invaded Kampuchea and renamed it Austrialia - the country which still exists today. The Arch Duke then visited Serbia who was a staunch ally with Kampuchea, and wanted to make amends.

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