Worlds of upheaval creative writing

ELECTIVE - WORLDS OF UPHEAVAL Rationale. In this module, ... Creative writing task for students to explore and play with the concepts of absurdism and their use of language. Create a piece of short writing which experiments with aspects of absurdism. Show it to a classmate.

14/15 creative (top mark in cohort). Creative writing during a world of upheaval (9/11).

Literary Worlds Worlds in Upheaval TEXT REQUIREMENTS At least THREE PRESCRIBED TEXTS for the elective studied, including at least TWO extended print ... collaborative writing and creative processes For each objective and the correlating outcomes, NESA has provided correlating content points, included at Appendix 2.

A primary function of art is to liberate the individual from the tyranny of his cultureand to permithim to stand beyond it in an autonomy of perception and judgement.” Lionel TrillingWrite an essay in which you evaluate the truth of this statement in regards tothe texts thatyou have studied in the elective, Worlds of Upheaval.

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 · Personal compositions (of both critical and creative natures) can allow you to demonstrate how you have been inspired by these worlds and motivated to construct your own world facing upheaval. Experimentation with literary conventions, inspired by the prescribed and related texts, to represent social and political situations.