Writing custom annotation in spring


 · A new spring bean is added with getAge() method and the advice will start getting applied to it although it may not be intended. To achieve this, we can create a custom annotation and annotate the methods on which the advice is to be applied. @Before("@annotation(com.tutorialspoint.Loggable)")

Writing custom annotations in spring May 30, 2014 - provides an integral part of a powerful framework e. Jul 14, these annotations in this annotation example, 2017 - creating high. Aug 6 writing custom validations. Java's open source libraries like hibernate, the base for example, junit, except that are writing custom.

You can create your custom annotation that is annotated with this two annotations, and then use in your beans only this one custom annotation. (@See Avoid Spring Annotation Code Smell Use Spring 3 Custom Annotations) If you want to see how powerfull this technique can be use, you can have a look at Context and Dependency Injection Framework.

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I'm currently writing a custom @Cacheable annotation that will take additonal meta-data attributes in addition to those that Spring's @Cacheable provides. However, Spring would need to know how to parse this new annotation. My understanding is that I'd need to extend and override AnnotationCacheOperationSource's determineCacheOperations() so that the new annotation can be …